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Unternehmensnews - Marquardt-Gruppe - 2013

A Day with Marquardt – Our Products Around the Clock

Rietheim-Weilheim, 28th August 2013 – Are you aware of how often you come in contact with Marquardt? Sometimes, even unconsciously? You’re not? The following text should give you an idea of how Marquardt and its products are present in your everyday life.

The alarm clock rings. Oh no, I’m so tired. Only one thing can help. Activate the ECO Switch on the coffee machine and the coffee is as good as done. Heaven! Now I’ve got to get to work. I get on my E-Bike and the HMI Module on the handlebars shows me the closest battery charging station and makes my daily ride to work so much easier. Oh no, what is this? A flat tire? I have to get the key to my car, quick. I walk in the garage and with the push of a button, I hop in my car. Now with the remote control for the garage door, whose electric operation is controlled by a snap-action switch, I close it and using the central control panel, I call up the Navigation System so that I don’t arrive too late. I put the car in gear and off I go.

Finally arriving at work, I fire up the computer by operating a push-button switch. What has my boss emailed me now? First, I have to turn on the desk lamp with the round rocker switch and then, hopefully, a light bulb will go on for me too! Now I’ll turn on the laser printer and let my boss know what’s up...done!

On the way home, I see a truck in which there are not only a lot of rocker switches on the console, but also door controls and a driver authorization system built in. It is transporting an excavator. Thanks to the dust and waterproof snap and rocker switches from Marquardt, one can work in the rain and dirty surroundings with off-road vehicles and four wheelers.

As I arrive home, my husband is preparing a noodle casserole. He closes the refrigerator door and the built-in door contact switch turns the refrigerator light off to stand-by mode. Unbelievable, the number of products that Marquardt is built into!

My husband thinks I should grab some cheese to bake on top. Blown away by the fact that he is going to let me drive his precious car, and that I get to experience the keyless phenomenon from Marquardt, I’m on my way. It’s incredible how many controls are integrated in the steering wheel and that the overhead switch opened the convertible top easily and quickly.

Back home again, I see my husband step on the switch of the vacuum cleaner as he’s in front of the washing machine. I ask myself why he used so much laundry detergent. Note for the future: do it yourself! My husband calms me down and informs me of a new dosage pump from Marquardt that regulates the amount of laundry detergent according to the degree of dirty laundry, precisely and automatically. Now no man has an excuse for not doing laundry – Marquardt makes it possible.

After our dinner together, we work a bit in the garden. My husband cuts the shrubs with the hedge clippers, where a finely-tuned snap-action switch is built on the grip. Meanwhile, I grab the high-pressure hose with a waterproof rocker switch and start washing the car. Finally, we work together a bit on our terrace and my husband walks around the yard with the axel grinder, whose mechatronic components ensure a safe turn-off and an electronically-controlled restart switch. As he’s doing that, I trim the last branches on the shrubs on the other side with the trimmer. The dial switch helps to change the direction quickly. 

Now it’s beginning to mist and we finish up our yard work. Back inside, I turn on the heat with the remote control unit and take a shower. Thanks to the pump interface with integrated flow sensor, the water is the perfect temperature.

Lying in bed, I think about the past few days. It’s unbelievable how many Marquardt products I have encountered, directly or indirectly. I have to admit, a light bulb went on in my head: Marquardt makes life more comfortable with its products.


You can find Marquardt products in:

  • Automobiles
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles (i.e. bikes)
  • Electric Power Tools
  • Landscaping Equipment
  • Home Appliances for Kitchen and Basement
  • “Smart Home” (Applications that network home appliances)
  • Cleaning and Control Equipment
  • Heating and Climate Control Units
  • Medical and Laboratory Equipment