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Produktnews Automotive - Marquardt-Gruppe - 2011

Business unit Automotive demonstrates its expertise

New market brochure is available

Rietheim-Weilheim, 2nd December 2011 – The business unit Automotive demonstrates its expertise with the new market brochure in the market of driver authorization systems and operating components and shows its newest development trends as well. The image brochure can be downloaded in the download section.
The wide product portfolio of Marquardt includes electronic steering column locks, start-stop-systems, control devices, antennas, door handle sensors, multifunctional switches, seat control switches, rotary light switches such as door control panels and steering wheel control panels. With the development trends Marquardt presents its newest development “BlueID Drive”.
With the “BlueID Drive” system, Marquardt has laid the groundwork for a cell phone to now open, lock and start a car. In addition to this, current car data can be retrieved via the phone.

To order printed copies of the brochure in the appropriate language, please contact Mrs. Daniela Dressler, daniela.dressler(at)