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Collaboration with a Garching company - Marquardt increases their development competency

Rietheim-Weilheim/Garching, 28th July 2011 – With participation from the Garching operation, baimos technologies gmbh, Marquardt is increasing its development capacity for the future potential of the Driver Authorization Systems. The facility from the Munich area has developed an innovative authorization management and locking system by the name of BlueID, which allows Marquardt to bring the cell phone into the series as a car key. The details of the collaboration are strictly confidential between the two parties.
The coveted BlueID Technology for secure digital transmission of authorizations has gained increasing interest in the automotive industry.  As one of the worldwide leaders in manufacturing of driver authorization systems, Marquardt is now bringing the digital cell phone / car key to market in a series, in cooperation with baimos technologies gmbh.  For decades, Marquardt has developed and produced car locking systems for renowned automotive manufacturers such Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Chrysler.
With the BlueID Technology, many scenarios are possible that far exceed the functionality of a normal car key.  Driver authorizations can be transmitted worldwide, securely coded and sent through the cell network.  With the integration of BlueID in the central steering column, one can access and monitor the comfort functions, such as controlling the current temperature, as well as other data like the mileage and fuel gauge. The new technology also allows rental car agencies, as well as car pooling members, a keyless, purely digital transmission of entry to the car, as well as the driver authorization.
Dr. Harald Marquardt, Spokesman for the Management of the Marquardt Group, sees huge potential in the transmission of entry and authorizations with the BlueID.  “The digital authorization transmissions save time and money.  We are pleased that after five years of cooperation, baimos technologies and Marquardt are even more poised for the future to meet the increasing demands for innovative, digital driver authorization systems with a solid solution for profitability.
baimos technologies sees the growing engagement with the automotive and mobility sectors as very positive:  “The interest of the automotive industry and the investment of Marquardt is a strong signal for us.  The high expectations of security from the automotive industry means creating a product with more efficiency and reliability”, says Markus Weitzel, Sales Manager from baimos technologies.
In addition to cars, the BlueID technology is found today in office buildings, data centers and wherever a means for efficient authorization management is needed.  With the universal applicability, BlueID allows convergent entry systems to be built from the car door, beyond the parking lot, up to the office door and to a login on the facility computer - all managed by an authorized entry on the cell phone.  Key and entry cards will be applied that require no physical transmission.
Behind all BlueID solutions there is an intelligent Ticketing System, which applies a specific password to allow entry authorization.  All authorizations are coded and saved on the cell phone, as well as in a secure data center.  Locking systems using BlueID-based systems will automatically realize cost savings.  Car rental agencies may no longer need a rental office or counter for car pick-up and drop-offs.  Parking garages will open their gates with a command from a cell phone and charges can automatically be applied.
About baimos technologies gmbh
baimos technologies offers a unique know-how for application of simple and secure solutions for mobile uses.  With the spotlight on the development of new types of solutions in the mobile security systems industry, baimos technologies offers highly-advanced and measureable systems for the management of entry authorizations.  With its innovative technology platform, the company allows the control of security systems with flexible authorizations on a hand-held mobile telephone. The performance of its own BlueID, as well as the integration of mobile functions and security components in products with partner companies, is part of baimos technologies’ performance portfolio.  Solutions from baimos technologies simply have the reputation of being secure and intelligent.  This incredible company, which is headquartered in Garching bei Munich, works with numerous worldwide companies, such as Marquardt, eQ-3/ELV, Microsoft and noris network.  A large part of their business is due to, among others, Daimler, Sixt and LMU Munich.