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Unternehmensnews - Deutschland - 2010

„Elite Education“ begins in Rietheim

Rietheim-Weilheim, 7th July 2010 – Marquardt, with its products in the corresponding markets, is one of the best in the world. To strengthen this role as a world market leader and to take this position in the future, too, there is the “elite education”, a special program for special trainees, in Rietheim since September.
“With the new ›elite education‹, we will give our best trainees more opportunities and the desire to make an excellent future in a powerful company,” said CEO Dr. Harald Marquardt.

Above-average commitment and great exertion in the first year of training open the door to the “elite education”: those who achieve very good school and professional grades during the first year of training and furthermore demonstrate excellent personal and social skills, will be given the chance to participate.In the youth support program Marquardt provides, among other things, from the second year of training every elite trainee with a personal mentor from the management level.

USA, France, Tunisia, Romania, India or China? In one of the subsidiaries of Marquardt, the trainees will also gain experience within their training time. “Of course we reward the additional exertion in the ›elite education‹ also with an additional monthly fee that is above tariff.”
Marquardt also holds out the prospect of a permanent takeover. After training, those who still aim at a further qualification, such as the advanced technical college qualification and subsequent academical studies, will also be supported.