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Produktnews Automotive - Marquardt-Gruppe - 2010

Incredibly Lovely: The new Touareg key - innovation made by Marquardt

Rietheim-Weilheim, 8th October 2010 –  The VW Touareg drives like a big, luxurious limousine.  This means it has to be comfortable to start.  Once again, the Wolfsburger manufacturer has Marquart GmbH, from the Schwabian town of Rietheim-Weilheim in the Tuttlingen area, to thank for that:  Innovative manufacturing technology has elevated the Touareg remote key to that of a role model of design and comfort.

Of all the Volkswagen automobiles, the Touareg has the most modern and complex electronic network.  Electronic ignition and the remote key are only a part of it – yet actually, a central part.  And because the Wolfsburg car manufacturer not only has high expectations of the electronic concepts, but they are also concerned with ergonomics and design: Marquardt is the ideal partner for the Driver Authorization System.

The new smooth key, thanks to its form, slides into the hand and gives one a feeling of completeness.  The highly-polished black cover lens, as well as various chrome applications, refine the look and make the total picture complete.  Marquardt produced the dark color using a PA-based material, in order to make the key transparent for UV laser.

The remote key is outfitted with three or four keys (for the North American market), depending on the model.  By pushing the Volkswagen emblem, the emergency key is released out of the back of the key fob in case the car must be opened mechanically.  Should a dead battery be the cause, Marquardt found an optimum solution:  A drawer under the chrome clasp can be released in order to change the battery.  To protect the battery from water seepage, the engineers in Rietheim developed a sealing geometry on the housing, as well as a sealing lip on the battery compartment.

It works without the ignition key – at least in the basic models – but it’s not the prettiest or the most technologically advanced key either.  The perfect combination for form and function was the brainchild of Marquardt.  To start the car, the remote key is placed far into the ignition, as if to engage the car.  In the first position, the infotainment components, like the radio and the navigation system, are automatically activated.  If the remote key is not inserted and not turned, it can simply be removed.

With the first turn to the left or the right, the motor starts and the key is mechanically situated so that it will stay in the ignition.  The key makes contact in this insertion but then goes back to its start position.  With the second turn for stopping the motor, the key is electromechanically released again.  After that, the key goes back to its middle position.

In addition to the combination of the most modern technology and simple activation, there is also the “comfort version” made by Marquardt.  In the keyless model “Kessy”, the “Turn Tip Function” is not even necessary.  The car recognizes and communicates with the key via antenna and allows itself to be started with a Start-Stop button, without inserting the key.

The Driver Authorization System is not the only idea to come out of the Schwabian treasures of ideas near the Bodensee.  Marquardt supplies the VW Touareg five levels of other steering column switches, level switches for the optimal control configurations in the cockpit, as well as the chrome polished Start-Stop button keys and the Electronic Steering Authorization (ELV).