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Produktnews Automotive - Marquardt-Gruppe - 2013

Intuitive and elegant: Control elements from Marquardt outfit the car interior

Rietheim-Weilheim, 19th February 2013 – The trend in control elements is moving away from the core haptic and towards a more intuitive and comfortable touch-technology. Marquardt meets the customer demands for more modern solutions in cars with its new touchpad for middle consoles and steering wheel control elements. Marquardt is even going a step further with his own gesture recognition. Function control in the car interior has never been timelier.

Year after year, the new control systems that the Swabian company in the Tuttlingen region of Rietheim-Weilheim has developed prove themselves to be more and more intelligent. Just a few years ago, as they realized the conventional switch, the concept for the future was already actively brewing.  Intuitive – with a so called “3D finger tracking” the transfer of commands and the control of functions will take place in the future from the car interior. The touchpad-technology is manufactured from various materials and is available with active or passive haptic feedback that reflects the flexibility and desires of the customer.

The touchpad-technology is not only available in the middle console, however.  Marquardt also has a solution for steering wheel control elements. In the higher priced black panel optic, the touch functions can now be elegantly integrated with a finely back molded plastic film with higher light density for the day design. There are numerous installation possibilities with changing symbols in the switchable and operating positions. With a lifetime of more than 500,000 cycles, the touchpad-technology in the steering will become a reliable and safe leader in the cockpit.

Marquardt is creating new opportunities with another development: The gesture recognition. There are two different varieties available: One is the control of the functions by an infrared sensor, the simplest controls possible in a three dimensional space and energy as well as costs are reduced. Robust and electronic is the lesser complex “simple” solution. The other allows Marquardt the opportunity to realize the customer desires of more complex controls installed in a camera system in the car interior. Including distance recognition, the premium package offers the end user freedoms like never before.