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Produktnews Switches, Sensors & Controls - Marquardt-Gruppe - 2013

Look at Marquardt sensors – for measuring flow, level and pressure

Rietheim-Weilheim, 05th June 2013 – All products of the Marquardt sensor program are now also available in our Web-Shop  

Sensors from Marquardt are accurate and repeatable as well as reliable and robust and suitable for numerous applications.

So for example our new 10 bar pressure sensor – ”Megapascal” 2066.31xx. The robust and simple technical design of the “Megapascal” sensor uses Hall Effect sensor technology in a measuring range of 0 – 10 bar (145 psi). The sensor is designed for pressure measurement of liquid and gas in many applications including HVAC, sanitary processes, heat pumps, solar water heating systems and more. Substances in direct medium contact are drinking water approved, permitting the sensor to be used in water delivery, purification and filtration applications as well as beverage applications. The robust design of the “Megapascal” sensor can withstand high overload pressure of 26 bar (377 psi) and high burst pressure of more than 42 bar (609 psi).

All sensors have RAST 2.5 connectors and are available in various versions regarding measuring range, output signal and supply voltage as well as electrical and mechanical connection.

Visit us on our Online catalog ( and learn more about the Marquardt sensor program and find any interesting technical details.