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Unternehmensnews - China - 2013

Marquardt China exhibit at the Tech Show in Beijing

Shanghai, 30th October 2013 – In the mid of October a 3-day Tech Show in Beijing on the sites of local Chinese automotive companies attracted over 300 technical experts. With high focus and hands-on interaction on driver authorization systems - known to the end user as "keyless go" -, and state-of-the-art HMI operating components like iDrive, control elements with touch technology and others known from high end German cars, Marquardt China took a new approach of customer interaction. Technical presentations, on-site workshops, and simulated car electronics enabled Chinese engineers to interact with a global and local team of experts in a very personalized atmosphere.

Highlight of these three day event was a modified prototype car fully equipped with Marquardt HMI components and a keyless go system. Since 1996, the family owned Marquardt Group has a Chinese track record of developing and manufacturing a wide range of mechatronic switching solutions in Shanghai. More than 800 of Marquardt's 6500 employees worldwide work in the 17000 sqm facility in Pudong with a large engineering team being integral part of the global Marquardt network.