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Produktnews Switches, Sensors & Controls - Marquardt-Gruppe - 2013

Marquardt develops energy saving switch

Rietheim-Weilheim, 14th March 2013 – Climate protection and energy conservation is on everyone’s lips. The green movement, not only in Germany, is developing into a crisis in all of Europe. In order to meet the increasing challenges of our customers, Marquardt has responded with the new ECO-Switch, which is now being developed, along with an entirely new generation of switches, in our Rietheim location.

In the past year, representatives from the EU member countries and the EU Commission have placed limits on power usage in the so called  „Stand-By Mode“, from office and household appliances. This regulation has been in effect in all 27 EU countries since 2010. According to this regulation, computers, washing machines, TVs and other office and household appliances cannot use more than one watt in „Stand By Mode“.

This regulation has been embraced by Marquardt and implemented with the ECO Switch in different varieties to provide the proper solution and is surprising in its functionality. By operating the ON and OFF switch that is built in to most office and household appliances, it is not possible to disconnect completely from the power supply. According to the Environmental Bureau in Germany, this costs about 22 billion kilowatt hours of energy. The energy efficient switch developed by Marquardt allows the appliances that are in „Stand By Mode“ to completely switch off after a certain time period, thereby reducing the loss of empty energy.

The ECO Switch is available with a „Auto-off” or a „Remote-off” function. In the „Auto-off” function, the electronics are built directly into the switch, so that it will automatically turn off after being in „Stand By Mode“ for a certain amount of time. The more cost effective varieties offer a „Remote-off“ function. With this, the switch will receive a signal from the electronics, located in the appliance, which will completely shut the appliance off.  

The ECO Switch is available as a rocker or a push button switch, making it an innovative possibility to co serve energy and costs.