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Unternehmensnews - Deutschland - 2011

Marquardt gives 10,000 Euros to „Lebenshilfe Tuttlingen“

Rietheim-Weilheim, 19th January 2011 – At the end of January, Stephan Itter, CFO of Marquardt, gave a gift of 10,000 Euros to the »Lebenshilfe Tuttlingen«, a local charitable organization, to be used for high-tech investments. »With this gift we would like to write our collective success story«, says Stephan Itter. »We have actively observed and followed the activities of Lebenshilfe e.V. organization, even in tough economic times and would like to show our appreciation«, says Itter. The Marquardt interns spend at least one to two weeks in their second year at the Day Care and Facility for the Disabled. Lebenshilfe e.V. Director, Otto Weihing, and Board Director, Winfried Baumann, both agreed on the value of this experience exchange and starting in April, Marquardt will begin discussions with Lebenshilfe e.V. organization about finding placements for the disabled in the Rietheim or Boettingen facilities.