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Marquardt receives Economics Minister Adriean Videanu from Romania

Rietheim-Weilheim, 7th June 2010 – In April, Adriean Videanu, Economics Minister of Romania, paid a visit to Marquardt GmbH Rietheim. Managing Director Dr. Harald Marquardt introduced the company to the Minister and his delegation and also reported on the planned expansions at the Romanian site Sibiu. The minister, who has quit his job in the meantime and has been replaced since then by successor Ion Ariton, also got direct insight into the complex manufacturing of driving authorization systems in the plant for automotive systems. Marquardt has been manufacturing electromechanical and mechatronic control systems and applications for the automotive industry in Eastern Europe for about five years. At present, Marquardt employs more than 700 people in the Sibiu plant. To maintain competitiveness, Marquardt wants to develop this site further.