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Unternehmensnews - Deutschland - 2013

Marquardt Team successful at RUN & FUN

Rietheim-Weilheim, 20th June 2013 37 athletes from Marquardt took part in the 10th annual Run & Fun sporting event in Tuttlingen and competed in several different distance races. The best individual time was from Alexandra Frech (formerly Haag), who won the half marathon in her age class. Another strong finish was the team for the 10km and the marathon run, with six runners. At the end, two incredible runners leapt out to take 2nd place in their age class. The highlight of the weekend was once again the relay race on Sunday, in which each of the four runners had a chance to race with the baton. The Marquardt team was exceptionally pleased with the results. Four of the five relay teams came in under the first 14, out of 87 teams. The fifth team from Marquardt also performed very well and stayed well under the much sought after four hour mark. An intern from Marquardt had an intense dual at the finish line and despite the incredible heat, some Marquardt runners achieved their personal bests that day.