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Produktnews Switches, Sensors & Controls - Marquardt-Gruppe - 2011

New Foot Switch series 2420 is unique and reliable

Rietheim-Weilheim, 2nd May 2011 – The foot switch range of Marquardt will now be extended with an entire new product series: The new series 2420 is specially designed to also be applicable in harsh environments. Same as with the existing Marquardt foot switches the loads are also switched with snap action switches within the new series. Now those are totally encapsulated in the foot switch body so that a protection degree up to IP 65 and IP67 (dust- and water protected) is enabled.
This new feature improves the already high reliability of the standard switch itself and moreover also the end device considerably. Furthermore the user is protected against electrical shocks due to immersing water.
Also further significant features of the existing Marquardt foot switches were mandatory for the new series: A solid design was essential for the reason of providing a safe stand of the foot switch on the ground. Another major key fact of the development - which makes foot switch unique - was, the option of attaching a cable by the customers themselves with still provided IP protection. Furthermore the distinctive haptics as well as the clear tactile feedback was taken over from existing foot switch concepts. New on the other hand is, that within this series there will be latching switching functions available now. Typical for Marquardt Products is an enormous spectrum of possible electrical ratings from low voltage (max. 300 mW) with gold contacts up to net power 14 (8) A  and 16 (4) A 250 VAC  or even higher on demand. Moreover the series convinces with high endurances of more than 100.000 cycles mechanically.
A modular design allows to easily realize many different versions in regard of switching function, loads, pre-assembled cables or different surface colors. Even customer specific logos can be captured on the switch surface on demand. The base foot switch can additionally be equipped with a protection cover for user protection. With this cover the switch is also applicable in heavy-duty environments. No matter, with or without protection hood, the new foot switch series is the appropriate solution for various other applications like medical, communication, security and monitoring, electronic etc.