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Produktnews Switches, Sensors & Controls - Marquardt-Gruppe - 2011

Off-road - The switch of 3250 series is absolutely reliable

Rietheim-Weilheim, 19th December 2011 – The Off-road vehicles have to demonstrate their superior functions and advantages under the extremest circumstances. The drivers expect absolute reliability and easy operation of the components and assemblies installed inside the vehicles. Marquardt makes an important contribution to that with the 3250 series rocker switch.
The features of the rocker switch is characterised by (adoption of the) robust technology. Due to the adoption of the high dust and water protection (IP 66 and IP 68) the rocker switch can function outstandingly in the harsh environments. The unique and millions-time proven snap-action switch principle and it’s integrated self-cleaning by relative friction of contacts with each other ensure quality and reliability of the switch. The turning point of the tongue moves on an arc during the operation, and thereby causes a relative movement between the movable and the fixed contact. The resulting shear force can easily lead to the weld fracture or eliminate the dirty spots.
The rocker switch is equipped with all necessary switch options. Up to four LED – for the purposes of background and functional lighting - can be integrated. To provide more attractive design, all the keycaps are coated with different colours, and marked with different symbols through the laser procedure. The mechanical life span of the rocker switch is 500,000 switching cycles, which further confirms the high reliability of the rocker switch. On request, Marquardt complements the locking function for the rocker switch of 3250 series to prevent unintentional activities. In addition, there are many different accessories such as the mounting frame, blank pieces, and indicator lights. So this switch is suitable for window lifters, all kinds of ventilators, blowers, servo motors, pumps and serves as electronic signal lights etc.
For the Marquardt Off-Road vehicle switch series 3250 there will be a product configurator under All product features like switching function, illumination, additional sealing, cap design and –colour as well as choice of symbols can explicitly and quickly be defined. In addition to this also data sheets can be generated. In a further step all the generated configurations can be inquired directly at Marquardt. Within a short time a corresponding quotation to the switch selection will be generated.
Decades of professional experiences in the auto manufacturing industry and many latest developments have enabled Marquardt to become an attractive partner in this industry - a partner, who can meet the client's demands and figure out intelligent solutions to solve the problems. The rocker switch of series 3250 is just a proof.