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Produktnews Switches, Sensors & Controls - Marquardt-Gruppe - 2013

Rocker switch 3250 now protected from dust and water from behind the panel

Rietheim-Weilheim, 19th August 2013 – With new generations of Off-Road Vehicles and Marine applications, including construction equipment, hall carts, recreational vehicles, golf carts and boats, manufacturer demands for comfortable, simple, and functional controls have risen. The classic rocker switch has proven to be the best link between man and machine. The Marquardt 3250 Series is a specially designed rocker switch to fit the needs for these manufacturers.

Classic switches have a certain look and feel best suited for heavy equipment or other vehicles and their rough application environments. Robustness is a rocker switch’s advantage. The driver has clear haptic feedback confirming the operation. With physical characteristics of tactile positioning and maintaining of switch state, an audible click, and visual illuminations, the operator knows for sure which function he has chosen. These operations cannot be found with many other alternative controls, such as film key pads. Some controls, such as those found on a steering wheel, are designed to specifically perform signal operations only. A switch can do both: high or signal load functions.

A large part of all functions, such as a main battery switch, connection or disconnection of auxiliary drives, all types of lighting, signaling systems and vehicle-specific functions are operated by rocker switches. Nearly all of these devices should be able to be implemented with one switch series.

This places high demands on a switch manufacturer to create incredibly flexible products. Different shapes and color schemes of the actuator cap and a large selection of symbols to represent all vehicle-specific functions on these switches may be required.

Marquardt’s mechatronic specialists, headquartered in Rietheim-Weilheim, Germany, have developed the 3250 rocker series to provide solutions for the diverse requirements of all off-road and marine manufacturers. With up to four integrated LED’s, the 3250 offers background and double-function illumination lighting in just one switch.

The unique and proven snap-action switch principle, with Marquardt’s integrated self-cleaning contacts, ensures a switch’s quality and reliability. The rotation point of the contact tongue moves on an arc during operation, causing a relative movement between the movable and the fixed contact. The resulting sheer force can easily open welded joints or eliminate dirty spots.

In some extreme environmental conditions, a high level of dust and water protection is also essential. The 3250 series is sealed with IP 66 and IP 68 on the front of the switch when mounted in a panel. There are now models that are additionally sealed on the terminal side. These versions offer complete dust and water resistance, making the switch ideal for use in outdoor applications.

Marquardt’s 3250 Off-Road vehicle switch series has an online product configurator found at: All product features, such as switching function, illumination, additional sealing, as well as cap design, color and a choice of symbols, can be entered easily and quickly. Additionally, data sheets can be generated. These configurations can then be sent directly to Marquardt, who can generate a corresponding quotation in a short period of time
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